Conveyancing Services

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Notarial Services

Most people need the services of a Notary Public to witness their signature of documents they have received from abroad.

Services that I provide include:


Certifying copies of documents such as exam certificates, passports, bank statements

powers of attorney

Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas

Foreign Languages

Notarising and assisting with documents in Czech, Slovak and Polish languages

Company Documents

Notarising company and business documents

Oaths & Statements

Taking oaths, affidavits, statutory declarations, and sworn statements

Personal Documents

Notarising personal documents for immigration or emigration purposes, declarations of single status when getting married, or permissions to let one parent travel with children

Foreign Properties

Dealing with transfers of land, property, or shares abroad


Arranging apostille and legalisation for clients

Notary public stamp

Dealing with any other documents for abroad which require a notary public stamp

Bills of Exchange

Protesting and noting Bills of Exchange

ship protests

Undertaking ship protests

I am fluent in Czech and Slovak languages and can understand Polish. I can therefore assist with or notarise documents in those languages. However, I cannot advise on the legal content of documents prepared abroad. It is the responsibility of the person who prepares them to ensure that they comply with the relevant foreign laws.
I neither prepare nor notarise any document, such as a “Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right”, which claims for the signatory the status of “Freeman on the Land”.